Takoradi Boys Hilariously Force Alleged Thief To Laugh After They Caught Him In The Act

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The video shows an alleged thief who allegedly tried to sell some electrical cables from a shop sitting on the floor with the cable he tried to steal lying right behind him and been interrogated by the people who caught him in the act.

Accord to a narration in the background of the video who happens to be the same person recording the video, the alleged thief has been tormenting them in the area for far too long and on this faithful day, they decided to be on guard and try to be able to see if they can apprehend him.

He said they didn’t sleep the whole of the until this person who seems to be in his 50s showed up in an attempt to steal some electrical cables. He then paused the narration and ordered this alleged thief to laugh.

The alleged thief who seems confused about what the guy said failed to comply and was given two heavy knocks on the head from one of the guys standing right behind him all these while during the interrogation.

The guy repeated that he should laugh and use the phrase ”stealing is so sweet’ of which the alleged thief complied to avoid a third hard knock on the head. Watch the video below;

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